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Below Legal Statues for the Family is explained further

  • Section 22 - Provides for the promotion of welfare of children in need
  • Section 25 - Voluntary admissions to care
  • Section 29 - Throughcare
  • Section 45(4) & (5) - Warrant to apprehend
  • Section 52(2) - Grounds of referral for chaildren's hearing
  • Section 55 - Application to sheriff for a Child Assessment Order
  • Section 56(2) C (s) 95 - Initial investigation by the Principal Reporter
  • Section 57(1) & (2) - Application to sheriff for a Child Protection Order
  • Section 59(4) - Continuation of CPO at the second working day hearing
  • Section 61 - Allows for the police to remove a child to a place of safety
  • Section 66 - When a child has come to a hearing but a final decision cannot be made
  • Section 67 - Situation where a child has been kept on a warrant under Section 66
  • Section 68 - Application to the Sherfiff to establish grounds of referral
  • Section 70(1) - Home supervision requirement
  • Section 70(3) - Supervision requirement with a condition of residence
  • Section 70(9) - Supervision requirement with a condition to reside in secure accommodation
  • Section 76 - Exclusion order
  • Section 86 - Perental responsibilities order