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Things getting on top of you?

No need to struggle! Geeza Break can offer your family support and respite.

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Elaine C Smith

Our Patron

Message of Support from Elaine C Smith

I am delighted to be a supporter of Geeza Break as it is a brilliant voluntary organisation that needs to be applauded for helping to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community – both carers and those who receive care – get the best of help. The type of services offered plugs a much needed gap in childcare and family support in the East End of Glasgow. As I live in this part of the city, I feel a close affinity to this charity and was happy to officially open their new premises.

Elaine C Smith

Old Parkhead

Our history

Geeza Break (previously the East End Respite Care Group) was founded in 1992 by members of the local community of Camlachie, now known as Barrowfield. This was at a time when drug misuse was beginning to take hold in the city, particularly in this area and so much so that social work offices and addiction services where situated within this area.

The work we do

Our main task is to achieve improved health and well-being of individuals, families and their children. In order to achieve this, as a voluntary organisation, we provide family support and flexible respite services to parents with children aged 0-16 years, predominantly within the East/North East in Glasgow. The service is intended to be a short term flexible support to families experiencing addiction, stress, crisis or isolation. These services set out to achieve a set of aims for both the family and children.



  • Amazing to be able to leave knowing kids are well looked after and happy it was a weight of my shoulders
  • It helps a lot because it makes me have more time to do some other things for myself like shopping or have a great day with my friends
  • Myself and daughter got to spend more time together
  • I did not think a couple of hours make much of a difference, but it did
  • The service we have received from Geeza Break and their staff has been invaluable to our family. It provided us all with breathing space from each other. It made my husband and I more resilient when dealing with problems if we knew a respite session was due. It has also helped me to improve my health and return to work
  • It has helped relieve tension and give myself and husband a break. It also helped encourage me to verbalise any concerns with regards to kids with the sitters and getting advice
  • It has been great. Gave me a great chance to have me time and catch up on appointments
  • I have enjoyed my time with my sitter. She is fun to be around
  • I really like Geeza Break they give my mum and us a break it gives us time to play as well. I definitely want Geeza Break until I am 15

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