Respite Services

We offer a high quality, person centred respite service which is only made possible thanks to our dedicated team of respite sitters and carers.

ALL respite providers are fully vetted through the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme. Families are at the centre of everything we do and are consulted in detail at their initial assessment meeting to ensure the service meets their needs and not the needs of the organisation. When identifying a respite provider, we don’t just look at availability but also their previous experiences so that we can suitably match them with families accordingly. Among them, the respite providers have a wealth of experience. Some of our providers work in childcare establishments during the day Monday – Friday and provide respite in the evenings and at weekends.

We are able to provide respite on the days / times requested thanks again to our respite providers and the flexibility they give us. Families are allocated a respite coordinator who is there to support them for the duration of the service as is the respite provider because we believe continuity is important. Families get to meet the respite provider prior to any respite taking place. The respite providers consult with the children at each session and plan activities they know the children will engage with.

All activities are age appropriate, stimulating, educational but most importantly FUN. Through positive play experiences children learn new skills to help the children develop and grow. Every staff member within the organisation is committed to providing the best service but without the respite providers dedication, professionalism and hard work this would not be possible.

Respite Care

Children are cared for at the respite carers homes sometimes for a few hours but mostly overnight. This service allows children to share in a positive family experience. Respite is provided on a planned basis but there are occasions when emergency respite is requested by social work. Parents are expected to take their children to respite and collect them again but where possible carers will collect the children and take them home.

Respite Sitter

This service is home based and is provided within the family home to allow parents to go out for a period of 4 hours while the children are being cared for whilst having fun.

Contributions have made it possible for us to purchase age and disability appropriate sensory toys, materials and equipment for children with disabilities and is restricted to this purpose.

Kinship Care Project

We provide a service to Kinship Carers (Grandparents / extended family members) throughout Glasgow who have full time care and responsibility of a child / children through parental drug / alcohol misuse.

The referral criteria for the Kinship Care Service is:- Carers who have sole care of a child due to parental addiction and are living within the Glasgow Local Authority Area. Kinship Carers will be offered one of the following services:- Respite Care or Respite Sitting or TOFFEE Club.

There is no need to have active Social Work involvement to access our respite services; referrals can also be made by another agency or through self-referring. Agency or self-referrals are encouraged.

Kinship Care criteria:  Carers who have the sole care of a child due to parental addiction and are living within a Glasgow Local Authority area. Worker provides support, advice and information on the following:

  • Offers one-to-one personal, professional & confidential support
  • Sign-posts Kinship Carers  to identified services based on need
  • Produces information on specific Kinship support services 
  • Facilitates parenting skills group work programmes
  • Provides opportunities to access Geeza Break respite services and local Kinship groups

Kinship Carers will be offered one of the following respite services:

  • Respite Care - Up to 24 hours overnight care per month
  • Respite Sitting - 4 hour session per fortnight
  • TOFFEE Club - School holiday support

They may also be offered in addition:

  • Activity Based Respite (Geeza Chance) - For kids aged 8 to 14 years old

Geeza Chance

Young Person’s Support Worker
(Activity Based Respite for Kinship)

This service is available evenings (4-8pm), weekends if necessary, and during school holidays. This programme will normally be for a 11 week period. 

The young people will also be invited to be involved in group workshops during the 11 weeks covering topics such as:

  • Cooking
  • First aid
  • Dealing with mixed emotions
  • Personal hygiene and sexual health
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
Plus 3 activities during the 11 weeks to places that the young people choose e.g. flipout, tubing, swimming, etc.

Option to spend overnight residential at Wiston Lodge near Lanark:

  • Team building
  • Drumming
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • Orienteering
  • Climbing wall

A weekend not to be missed!


The Young Person’s Support Worker will befriend kinship children aged 8-14 years, providing informal one-to-one support, if necessary, and group work. The young people will make new friends and feel less isolated.

The young person will be supported to achieve positive outcomes that will contribute to their social skills, confidence and health and wellbeing.  



(Time Out For Families East End)

We provide structured play opportunities for children as well as a break for the family members.

We also provide an Out of School Care Service which is run from a variety of different facilitators throughout the city. Times vary depending on which out of school care facility is being used.

Children are cared for within existing local resources during normal office hours through the Toffee Club. Primary school children aged 5 -12 year olds are cared for during the 2 week Easter Holiday period, the Summer School Holiday period and 1 week during the October Holiday period.

The service is delivered in partnership with other registered childcare providers, who are knowledgeable about the area. This service is held at St Mungo’s Academy, Crownpoint Road from 10am to 3pm. Sessions are allocated on a daily basis (Monday-Friday during school holidays). Children are expected to bring a healthy packed lunch.

Families are advised in advance of their allocated days, non-attendance can affect your allocation.

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