Our History

Old Parkhead

Geeza Break was founded in 1992, a time when major regeneration was taking place within Glasgow. Communities were changing and people were moving to those more up to date newly built areas further away in the wider city. It was these changing communities that saw a group of local residents from Glasgow’s East End form the organisation with the aim of providing community-based support and high quality, nurturing respite. This support was to help those families who had been separated across different areas of Glasgow by the regeneration. Support and respite that was previously provided by extended family could now, instead, be provided by the extended community of Geeza Break. Unfortunately, the vacuum left over by these changing communities resulted in new problems coming to the fore. Drug abuse and poverty. These issues are still prevalent today and Geeza Break has grown as an organisation to further help the communities of Glasgow’s Northeast. Partnerships have been created with social work and addiction services to offer an intermediatory, non-judgemental, support, ensuring that families stay together and come out stronger.