Staff and Board

Geeza Break’s staff group comprises of:

  • Chief Executive Officer, who manages the day to day running of the organisation
  • Data Manager and Finance Officer, who manage all aspects of the day to day financials as well as working on long-term funding and projects
  • Administration/TOFFEE Club Coordinator, who assists in day to day operations and runs the TOFFEE Club for 8 weeks in the year
  • Senior Family Support Worker, who works within Lottery funding to assist families who self refer to the service to help with family needs
  • Lottery Coordinator, who works with Lottery funded families receiving an intensive, holistic respite/family support service
  • Young Person’s Support Workers, who actively engage with groups of kinship children affected by addictions
  • Respite Co-ordinators, who assist families to receive respite or overnight care. 
  • Family Support Workers, who take an active role in assisting families in areas such as parenting
  • Along side this is a team of Respite Sitters, volunteer Respite Carers and 2 full time Respite Carers
  • Sleep Scotland Co-ordinator

Management Board

The service is managed by a local Voluntary Board of Directors who has overall responsibility to ensure the service is meeting its targets, providing a quality service and securing funding to operate the service.

Currently our Board benefits from a wide range of expertise including healthcare professionals, a senior social worker and a qualified accountant as well as an ex service user to represent the interest of all service users.

Chief Executive Officer:
Doreen Paterson

Doreen Paterson

Chair of Board of Directors:
Louise Kilby MBE

Louse Kilby