Time Out For Families East End

At Geeza Break, we're dedicated to supporting families in every possible way. Our "TOFFEE Club" is all about providing structured play opportunities for children and offering parents a well-deserved break. We understand that taking care of your little ones is a full-time job, and everyone deserves some time to relax and recharge.

Key Features:

  • Structured Play: The TOFFEE Club offers structured play opportunities for children, designed to spark their creativity and foster social development. Our engaging activities and playtime options are intended to be both fun and educational.
  • A Break for Parents: We recognize that parents and caregivers need moments of respite. The TOFFEE Club provides that break, allowing you to take some time for yourself or attend to other responsibilities, knowing your children are in good hands.
  • Variety and Choice: Our Out of School Care Service is run from various facilitators across the city. We offer flexibility to cater to the diverse needs of families. Operating during office hours, our TOFFEE Club sessions align with school holidays and can vary in length, so you can choose what suits you best.
  • Community Partnerships: We collaborate with registered childcare providers who possess local knowledge, ensuring that the service is integrated into the community. We work together to make every day at the TOFFEE Club a memorable experience for your children.
  • Healthy Packed Lunch: Children attending the TOFFEE Club are expected to bring a healthy packed lunch. We promote a well-rounded approach to children's well-being, which includes making nutritious choices.
  • Allocated Days: We provide families with advance notice of allocated days to maintain organization and consistency. Regular attendance helps ensure your child gets the most out of the TOFFEE Club experience.

The TOFFEE Club is an integral part of our commitment to families, and it's here to offer your children a fun, safe, and engaging environment while providing you with the breathing space you deserve. We're here to support the families of Glasgow's Northeast, one play-filled day at a time.