Information about how GEEZA BREAK Processes Your Data

The information we collect about you and how we process it, i.e. record, store, share and delete it, is governed by the General Data Protection Regulationand Data Protection Act 2018.

This means that we can only keep records that are relevant to our work with you. These records have to be accurate, up to date, secure and kept only for as long as they are needed.

This page explains what information Geeza Break keeps about you and/or your family if you receive one of our services, how this is processed and your rights in relation to that information.

The Data Geeza Break records about you

Geeza Break records factual information about you, including your name, date of birth, address, gender, ethnicity, and if you have a disability. We also record information about why you are using a Geeza Break service and the work that we are doing with you.

The reasons Geeza Break keeps a record of your data

The reasons that we keep a record of your data are; 

  • to help us decide how best we can help you.
  • to record how we have worked with you.
  • to assess how successful, we have been in helping you and to report this to the organisations that are funding the work we do.
  • to meet relevant requirements of the law or regulatory bodies.

Why Geeza Break is legally entitled to keep a record about you and process your data

The legal reasons within the General Data Protection Regulation that we usually use to process your data are;

Public Interest, which means that we have to keep a record of the work that we do with you in order to provide a service that is funded by a public sector organisation, such as a local authority or health authority.


Legitimate Interest, which means that we have to keep a record in order to be able to provide you with a service.

We may also be required to share data for legal reasons such as if there is a Court Order, to detect a crime or if there are safeguarding concerns.

There may be occasions when we may seek your consent to use your data in ways not set out in this leaflet, such as to help us inform the public and funders about our work. If this is the case it will be explained to you exactly what your data will be used for. If you give your consent you can withdraw it at any time and we will stop using your data for that purpose. Wherever possible copies of your data used for that purpose will be deleted unless you have agreed for your data to be published electronically or in print.

Who Geeza Break might share your data with

In order to provide a service, the following may see your record;

  • Geeza Break staff involved in providing you with a service and their managers.
  • Staff from within Geeza Break and external regulators such as Care Inspectorate might look at your record to check we are providing a quality service and meeting legal requirements that Geeza Break is working to.
  • We may share your data with other organisations if we are contractually or legally required to or if we are delivering services in partnership with other agencies.
  • We may share your data with another agency so that they can provide you with a service; in this case we will seek your consent to share your data.

Who is legally responsible for your data

The organisation that is responsible for your data is called the Data Controller, they are required to make sure that your data is held securely, make decisions about what happens to the data and are accountable if your data is lost or not kept confidential. The Data Controller may be Geeza Break or the local authority or health authority that funds the service.

What happens to your data when Geeza Break has stopped working with you

Geeza Break will keep your data for a specified time after we have finished working with you. This may be for six years or longer depending upon the reason that we are keeping your data and any legal requirements.

Sometimes Geeza Break is required to transfer your data to the local authority at the end of our contract to provide you with a service, or to another organisation providing you with a service.

Your right to receive a copy of your data

You are entitled to a copy of the information that Geeza Break holds about you. You should make a request in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.  Contact details are on the next page.

Sometimes the local authority, or other organisation, that funds your service might be responsible for providing you with a copy of your data.

We will usually provide you with a copy of your data within a month, if there are reasons which mean it will take longer this will be explained to you. If you have concerns about the content of your record you should contact the Chief Executive Officer.We will correct any factual inaccuracies such as date of birth/ethnicity etc. We would not usually change any of the records of actions and events but your views about the content will be added to the record.

Contact us

If you would like further information, have a query or would like to make a complaint about how we manage your data please contact;

Doreen Paterson C E O
1450/1456 Gallowgate
G31 4ST

Telephone: 0141 573 2900


You may also contact the Information Commissioner to make a compliant at;

Information Commissioner Scotland

Information Commissioner's Office
45 Melville Street

Tel: 0303 123 1115